TRAAK develops trackers and solutions for the generation and analysis of biometric data and real-time localisation in demanding environments.

Our Genesis

From professional sports to sensitive industries

TRAAK was founded on 20.02.20 as a spin-off from McLloyd Sport, to manage emerging activities in the industrial, health and security sectors.

The performance of the trackers produced by McLloyd Sport, the French leader in wearable tracking in professional sports and horse racing, had begun to attract attention in these areas, which are very different from its core business.

TRAAK was founded to provide an ideal and targeted offering meeting the specific requirements of these new sectors.



Our business is based on our complementary core competencies of trackers and data processing in the fields of location/navigation and biometric data.

Our know-how in electronics, physics and mechanics enables us to design wearable trackers capable of generating and communicating biometric or location data in real time in complex and restrictive environments.

Our in-depth experience in the field gives us the capacity to analyse, process and model the data generated. This means we can contribute meaningful insights to our clients’ decision-making processes.



Our company was born out of the desire and need to provide our clients with physiological or location data which is reliable, accurate and accessible in all circumstances. The high quality of this service enables us to contribute to the security of operational personnel working in demanding environments. We are also convinced that our data provides key indicators of technical, industrial and economic performance for our customers.



We take our responsibility for developing and maintaining the trust of our customers very seriously. We champion a relationship based on transparency, integrity and a thorough understanding of the environments and the challenges they face on a daily basis.

A constant focus on innovation and quality drives our work in continuous improvement of our products and services to meet the needs of our customers.

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