The challenges of profitability in the construction industry

Your biggest challenges as a construction company are managing time and budget while ensuring a safe environment for your teams.
Construction sites run fast and tight, and controlling the flow of machines and vehicles, locating tools and ensuring the safety of your employees are essential to the success of a project within budget and without incident.
The choice of reliable, precise tools adapted to your constraints is thus the guarantee of greater efficiency and productivity.
TRAAK designs, integrates and deploys robust, secure and scalable solutions adapted to your sector of activity and tailor-made for each of your sites.
Thanks to our trackers, machines and people can be monitored instantly, communicate in real time and the collection of precise and reliable data allows you to boost your profitability or act quickly in case of an incident, whatever the size of your structure.

Our tailor-made solutions adapt to your constraints and offer an answer to your pain points

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Managing Profitability

The profitability of a real project, of a specialised construction or of the civil engineering and public works market depends on the control of the costs and the level of use of your machinery investments in relation to a planned frequency and a reasoned use of your staff depending on the project stages.
TRAAK’s indoor and outdoor geolocation sensors allow you to know the precise location of a machine, your equipment or even certain products/stocks if necessary.
Our solutions are developed to track all types of machinery used in the construction industry. We guarantee reliability and robustness in the remote, unpredictable and often difficult conditions encountered in the field.
The data collected via our TRAAK solutions will also allow you to have concrete evidence of the resources used. We know that unforeseen events on construction sites lead to delays which are a source of tension and can be linked to significant fines. Thanks to our geolocation solutions, you can provide concrete proof of the work of your teams and therefore offer transparency of the employees’ schedule to your customers.
It is also possible to carry out site inventories quickly thanks to TRAAK linking GIS (Geographic Information System) data to the geographical coordinates of an asset over a given period to carry out a quick and reliable count of your inventory and thereby avoid overstocking..

TRAAK is committed to accompanying you in your project and helping you choose the technologies best suited to your needs and your budget. Indeed, geolocation can range from a few euros per tracker to several thousand euros depending on the precision required. TRAAK’s tailor-made work becomes valuable because an off-the-shelf solution will not meet all your needs: you do not track a EUR 50 tool in the same way as a collaborator in a high-risk role, and yet both could be equally important to you.

Limit the risk of accidents and temporary work absences

On a construction site, with people and machines working together and in close proximity, the risk of accidents and machine/pedestrian collisions is high and the safety of your employees is therefore essential.
TRAAK solutions will ensure that your construction equipment operators are immediately alerted if a person or object is in their blind spot or on a collision course, allowing them to focus on the job. As the proximity between machines and people on construction sites is mandatory for many tasks, it is not about having an alarm that sounds at any time when a person enters a radius around the machine, but about detecting the real risks.
In the context of lone worker protection (ITP), physiological and environmental sensors can be used to monitor your workers, for example by tracking ventilation and shocks in real time, as well as exposure to extreme temperatures or harmful or dangerous gases. These sensors immediately trigger an alert if a threshold is exceeded and ensure rapid emergency management (Isolated Worker Alert Device – IWAD).
It is also possible to install worker position trackers (standing, crouching, kneeling, lying down) and sensors recording noise pollution, luminosity or temperature to evaluate the difficulty of the work and thus have a daily follow-up to better understand the temporary work interruptions.

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Man in a crane on a construction site

Reducing unauthorised use

In many cases, the construction industry is in highly crowded areas, with many distractions and potentially accident-prone situations. TRAAK solutions allow you to map the site and create virtual fences (geofencing) to limit access and trigger custom alerts if people or equipment enter or leave predefined areas.
TRAAK solutions can be developed to ensure that the person who is performing a task corresponds to his or her duties (use of a machine or equipment, entry into a restricted area, etc.). These solutions make it possible to avoid intrusion or untimely use not covered by your insurance or theft.
Taking physical or IT measures based on entry into the area can also be combined with this type of solution to ensure appropriate reactivity (e.g. intervention by security personnel, triggering of alarms, initiate video surveillance, etc.).

A reliable system even in a hostile environment

The solutions that TRAAK develops will adapt to your problems and your environment no matter what. Your specifications, on the waterproofness of the sensors (IP55 to IP69k), the temperature conditions, the standards imposed on you (ATEX/IECEx) or the communication constraints of the site (GSM, Satellite, dedicated RF frequency bands or ISM band, WLAN, encryption), will be taken care of and validated to ensure you a reliable data generation and their transmissions on all your sites.

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