Innovative technologies for Defence needs


Innovation is at the heart of development strategies for the defense sectors because the challenges for the security of the territory and of individuals depend on it.
It seems essential to ensure tracking despite the many constraints such as for example a particularly hostile and remote environment during the conduct of military operations or on the contrary the securing of a populated and ultraconnected area such as a district of a major city in case of incident.
The choice of reliable and precise technological tools is essential because they must be adapted not only to the respect of the secrecy of the data collected and transmitted but also to the specific topography of the various sites and the various trades.
TRAAK designs, integrates and deploys robust, secure and scalable solutions adapted to these hostile environments and tailor-made for each of your pain points.
TRAAK’s objectives in the Defence sector are:
– provide solutions adapted to the operational conditions of military forces or companies operating in these particularly constrained markets.
– contribute to the acceleration of the implementation of innovations within this sector, for example in the context of the augmented soldier or soldier of the future
– contribute to the emergence of an innovative sovereign ecosystem.
Our sensors provide access to precise and reliable information in real time in all circumstances in order to allow you to optimize training to anticipate real situations, to ensure the security of sites and soldiers while responding to the security challenges specific to this ecosystem.

TRAAK is part of the 10th promotion of start-ups to join GENERATE, the innovation acceleration programme of GICAT (Groupement des industries françaises de défense et de sécurité terrestres et aéroterrestres / French Land and Airborne Defence and Security Industries Group).
TRAAK is also a member of the SAFE Cluster. SAFE is the French competitiveness cluster positioned on the Aeronautics & Space, Security & Safety, Defence and Environment (risks & resilience) sectors.

2 soldiers in camo gear discussing over a tablet

Bringing reliable data to training

For all armed forces, training is essential to anticipate real situations and to confront soldiers with difficult situations so that they can improve their reflexes and capabilities.
Therefore, it seems essential to be able to capture data during these training sessions in order to be able to analyse and exploit them afterwards. We are developing solutions such as training load management for commandos, or TRAAK PTT® (Pod Tactical Tracking®) which is able to follow the unit of an operational group in relative distance, thus the positioning of individuals and their evolution during assault exercises.
TRAAK has developed a concept of connected targets allowing the localisation of live fire on realistic video scenarios handling reaction time, accuracy on an infinite variety of scenarios.
TRAAK also has the ability to coordinate the addition of specific physiological sensors including CBRN (Nuclear, Radioactive, Biological and Chemical) sensors.

Securing strategic sites

One of the priorities when it comes to strategic sites is the management of their security and the constant flow of assets and people, including of non-military individuals.
Thanks to our secure tracker technologies associated with geofencing and abnormal behaviour algorithms, we can provide you with a solution adapted to the size of your base and guarantee data security through encryption and the implementation of specific and exclusive communication protocols.
These solutions allow you to grid an area and create virtual fences to limit access and trigger customised alerts if people or equipment enter or leave predefined areas.
We offer a 100% in-house design, with complete transparency on the electronics used, the code and interoperability with your supervisors and hypervisors without having access to them, thus guaranteeing complete confidentiality of the system.

Bird view of military base
Army helicopter with soldiers deployed on the ground

Responding to security issues

The search for operational superiority and strategic independence against adversaries with advanced technological capabilities is obviously a priority for all the Ministries of the Armed Forces and Defence and requires the security of data and means of communication.
Our solutions enable you to support people in action or to secure military installations, often located internationally in a wide variety of climates and environments, while guaranteeing flexibility and discretion.
We have a 100% vertically integrated structure in France where we are able to work only on certain technological bricks according to your specifications and requirements. We have made a meticulous choice of our partners among the companies manufacturing our chips or our sensor partners. So beyond a very small TRAAK team and your collaborators involved in the project, no one will know the purpose of your project or the tool developed.

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