The requirements of the energy industry


The extraction of hydrocarbons is generally located in isolated areas (off-shore, deserts…) and is subject to strong environmental constraints and corrosive chemicals. These industries are closely monitored as several hundred people are present on the sites and accidents would have disastrous economic, human and ecological consequences.
Employees and equipment are put to the test in these particularly demanding environments and face an imperative need for safe and reliable operation in extreme and often volatile conditions.
The safety of people and the productivity of oil and gas sites rely on tools adapted not only to the conditions and geography but also to the specific topography of the sites.
TRAAK designs, integrates and deploys robust, secure and scalable geolocation, physiological or environmental monitoring solutions adapted to these environments and tailored to each of your sites.
Our trackers provide access to accurate and reliable real time information to ensure the safety of your employees, to manage your assets and to optimise your production time and therefore your profitability.

offshore gas extraction platform

A reliable system even in a demanding environment

The solutions that TRAAK develops will adapt to your problems and your environment no matter what. Your specifications, on the waterproofness of the sensors (IP55 to IP69k), the temperature conditions, the standards imposed on you (ATEX/IECEx) or the communication constraints of the site (GSM, Satellite, dedicated RF frequency bands or ISM band, WLAN, encryption), will be taken care of and validated to ensure you a reliable data generation and their transmissions on all your sites.

POB (Personnel On Board) Management

In an oil and gas environment, it is essential to know the number of people on site and their position in order to ensure their safety and to be able to react quickly.
TRAAK can develop solutions that effectively monitor the movement and exact number of people in a defined area when necessary.
The precision of our indoor and outdoor geolocation tracking solutions, for example, allows you to overcome the very large distances on land sites or on off-shore sites, to ensure a reliable count of persons present in protected areas. Reliable measurements allow to trigger an alert very quickly and to call in the emergency services if necessary.
You can entrust TRAAK with your solutions that ensure that the person who is performing a task corresponds to his or her duties (use of a valve or a production tool, entry into a restricted area, etc.). These solutions can prevent intrusion, unauthorised use not covered by your insurance or theft. Physical or IT measures (geofencing) can be implemented upon entry into the area (e.g. intervention by security personnel, alarms or video activation, etc.).

Tractors setting up gas pipeline in forest
Men on offshore oil platform in a tunnel

Employee and lone worker safety

Companies in the energy industry working in an environment with a high risk of accidents fear them above all and therefore make safety their priority.

Hazardous areas (containment, risk of exposure to odourless gases or fire outbreaks) are particularly closely monitored and normally require the presence of a “guardian angel” who watches over the safety of his/her teammate.

TRAAK’s environmental sensors can monitor temperature, pressure and/or gas concentration, for example, and can communicate in real time with your safety tools, ensuring that an alert is immediately activated in the event of an anomaly.

TRAAK’s indoor and outdoor geolocation tracking solutions coupled with our physiological/environmental sensors allow you to monitor the safety of your employees in real time to ensure rapid emergency management.

Integration of new retro-fit data capture

Adapting sensors to access reliable data on existing elements (e.g. automation of manual valve management).
Incorrect valve positions on a hydrocarbon production or petrochemical processing site have many implications: accidents, production losses, environmental risks. New types of valves provide easy central control, but there are still many manual valves on a production site. TRAAK can develop solutions to monitor their positions easily and without modification. Furthermore, depending on your needs, it may also be necessary to monitor the temperature and vibration exposure, or the combined positions of multiple valves, such as in a pressure relief valve chain. TRAAK can also combine these sensors with automatic identity verification to ensure that the action can only be taken by authorised personnel.
To facilitate the fitting of all types of manual valves, the sensor must be able to be mounted on the valve without modifications to the valve or the need for unique mounting brackets. Equipped with an inertial cell and driven by a proprietary algorithm, this type of trackers communicates the position of the valve permanently and in real time on site or remotely.

Man in orange overall checking gauges on oil platform

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