Geolocation in the healthcare sector


Medicine is one of the sectors where innovation and technology are developing most rapidly in order to improve the way patients are treated. Paradoxically, solutions for better organisation of the hospital and its services are slowly ermerging. Yet the democratisation of simple solutions would improve the profitability of the hospital system. Indeed, ensuring an optimised follow-up of patient flows, facilitating the planning and maintenance of equipment and automated stock management would relieve the medical staff and quickly free up substantial sums.
TRAAK develops, integrates and deploys secure and scalable solutions adapted to the different healthcare professions and tailored to each of your sites.
Thanks to our geolocation systems, machines and individuals can be tracked instantly. Real-time communication and the gathering of accurate and reliable data allows healthcare staff to be more efficient and to provide appropriate medical care.

Our tailor-made solutions adapt to your constraints and respond to your problems.

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Ensuring the management of the flow of people

Improving the flow of people is one of the main concerns in the patient journey. TRAAK is developing solutions tailored to the constraints of hospital services in order to ensure precise monitoring in the care stages. The idea is to equip individuals with a RTLS (Real Time Localisation System) bracelet that communicates collected and secured data in order to define where the patient is in real time: laboratory, late arrival, or in the recovery room, etc. All the healthcare personnel (stretcher bearer, operating room manager, anaesthetist or surgeon) would have access to this information and an alert system in the event of delay would warn the actors of the following stages in order to plan and reorganise the schedules in real time.
This geolocation system has many advantages, including avoiding congestion at the fire/ambulance access points. Indeed, equipping a person when he or she is dropped off enable to follow his or her care management and to warn the attendants or ambulance drivers when to intervene to pick him or her up.

Facilitating the management of strategic material

Even today, the search for spare and/or replacement machines and equipment could take away precious minutes in critical situations.
TRAAK has developed solutions allowing to know the exact location of a machine in only a few seconds. This accurate and reliable indoor geolocation system can also be coupled with a status monitoring system (occupied, in maintenance or free) in order to save time for healthcare teams.
The profitability of your hospital or clinic depends on this time saving but also on controlling costs, the level of use of your equipment investments in relation to a planned frequency and limiting over-stocking, unnecessary redundancy and unavailability due to maintenance.
Our solutions show not only the location, but also the status of each piece of equipment in order to plan preventive maintenance, thus minimising maintenance-related downtime, as well as executing and automating orders with maximum efficiency.

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two pharmacists doing stock count of medical devices

Managing and optimising stocks

In the context of human care, issues in stock management can have dramatic consequences for patients and healthcare staff.
Whether it is to have an on-site view of consumables such as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), implants or other pharmaceutical products, it should be possible to carry out site inventories quickly.
With a TRAAK solution using, for example, advanced RFID and geolocation solutions, you can quickly and reliably count your inventory over a period of time, identify the oldest assets or detect losses. We can also work on the possibility of ordering directly from the supplier to avoid stock-outs.

Ensuring personal safety

In the hospital system, the notion of personal safety can be very broad.
Indeed, whether it is in psychiatric units, rehabilitation centres, emergency rooms, maternity wards or old people’s homes, the needs are different but remain one of the priorities.
TRAAK designs tailor-made solutions to anticipate your needs in terms of fall prevention, monitoring of vital signs or reducing the risk of wandering, kidnapping or running away.
We develop discrete and light physiological sensors that can be used to monitor heart rate and detect falls.
This biometric tracking system can also be coupled with an electronic protection and monitoring system to ensure the surveillance of people at risk (infants in maternity wards, people suffering from Alzheimer’s, people in emergency care, etc.).
All our solutions can immediately trigger an alert in order to assess the situation and intervene rapidly.
In the context of a pandemic, such as the Covid19, TRAAK solutions can help healthcare staff to manage distancing but also help managers to detect signs of overwork and staff management.
Our geolocation system can also simplify the coordination of care, for example by indicating the location of a nearby employee in case of emergency.

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