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We generate the data our clients need, whether it is for safety of personnel or assets requirements, or to improve the productivity and profitability of their businesses. We also ensure that this data is communicated where it is needed and in the right format.

TRAAK’s expertise lies in the manufacture of tailor-made location/navigation trackers, biometric/physiological sensors and the communication of data to be generated and transmitted in real time.
In order to provide fast, flexible and discreet customised solutions, TRAAK has decided to internalise all its R&D steps including prototyping and production. All the steps are carried out internally, in France, with the partnership of rigorously selected electronic chipset suppliers.
For the safety of the personnel who will use them, the sensors and/or physiological algorithms have been carefully chosen from medical grade suppliers in order to provide precise and validated information.

Thanks to our human-sized factory based in the south of France, TRAAK also has the capacity to provide manufacturing up to 5,000 pieces.


Building and civil engineering professionals, choose reliable, precise and customised tools to increase the profitability of a construction site through the management of schedules and flows, and the protection of your employees.


Indoor/outdoor geolocation, geofencing and the gathering of reliable real-time data, improve the performance of soldiers and ensure site security. Physiological monitoring provides the basis for the augmented soldier of the future, optimising capabilities, managing emergencies and gaining a better understanding of the situation in operation.


TRAAK offers technological solutions specifically designed for the demanding environments of oil and gas sites. We guarantee system reliability to ensure accurate POB metering, site safety and the safety of your employees and isolated workers.


Our job is to support you in the management of your tools and the optimisation of your production but also to protect your sites in order to guarantee your teams protection and productivity in hostile environments.
TRAAK also supports you and your employees to prevent and manage alerts or incidents through geolocation and physiological monitoring.
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What technological solutions can be used to improve the organisation of hospitals and emergency services and thus optimise care management, better manage patient flow and their treatment for better health outcomes?


Our solutions allow you to visualise, communicate and analyse the situations that rescue teams may face, in order to protect them in perilous situations in hostile environments.

Transport & Logistics

The management of the flow of machines and vehicles and the safety of your employees are the guarantors of your activities’ productivity and depend on the use of tools adapted to your constraints.

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