Smart mining and worker safety

Mining operations are very large-scale sites with significant and permanent activity requiring extremely powerful machinery. These mines, underground or open pit, are often found in remote areas of the globe where climatic conditions can be extreme. All of these elements make the environment particularly hostile for employees and equipment. It is therefore essential for the safety of people and productivity to use tools adapted not only to the conditions but also to the specific topography of the site. TRAAK designs, integrates and deploys robust, secure and scalable solutions adapted to these hostile environments and tailor-made for each of your sites. Our sensors provide access to accurate and reliable information in real time to help you ensure the safety of your employees, optimize your production time and therefore your profitability.

Our tailor-made solutions adapt to your constraints and respond to your issues.

Safety of employees and lone workers

Companies in the mining industry working in a high accident risk environment fear accidents first and foremost and therefore make safety their priority. Whether it is to avoid machine / pedestrian impact, detect falls or loss of verticality, but also worker exposure to dangerous gases or extreme temperatures, our indoor and outdoor geolocation monitoring solutions coupled with our physiological sensors make it possible to ensure the safety of your lone workers. The real-time monitoring capability allows an immediate triggering of an alert and thus ensures rapid emergency management.

Site security

Working in places of multifactorial operational complexity requires mastery of the environment and flows. Our TRAAK Geofence-type solutions allow you to interact with your existing security equipment remotely (triggering, stopping …), creating virtual fences and personalized alerts if vehicles or equipment enter or leave predefined areas. We develop solutions such as TRAAK SECUR’IT to ensure that the person who is performing a task corresponds to their responsibilities (use of a machine or a vehicle, entering a restricted access area , etc.). These solutions prevent intrusion and unwanted use not covered by your insurance or theft. Physical or computer measures may be taken, based on entry into the area (e.g. intervention by security personnel, triggering an alarm, video start, etc.)

Productivity management

The profitability of your site depends in particular on controlling costs, the level of use of your investments in machinery compared to a planned frequency and limiting loss, theft and breakage. Our technologies make it possible to manage incoming and outgoing flows as well as the utilization rate of your fleet. Geolocate your vehicles and equipment directly to know their capacities, occupancy rates and routes to understand and optimize their uses. These data also allow preparation for the regulations in force on driving times (ELD regulations in the USA for example), including on private or unregistered roads. Thanks to the data collected via our solutions, you will be able to plan regular maintenance per machine / vehicle according to their actual use (preventive maintenance) and therefore minimize downtime associated with maintenance. It is also possible to carry out inventories of the site quickly thanks to TRAAK Geo’Loc linking the GIS (Geographic Information System) data to the geographic coordinates of an asset over a given period to perform a rapid and reliable count of your inventory on a period, identify the oldest assets or detect losses.

A reliable system even in a hostile environment

The solutions we develop will adapt to your issues and to your environment, whatever it may be. Your specifications on the waterproofing of the sensors (IP55 to IP69k), the temperature conditions, the standards that apply to you (ATEX / IECEx) or the site communication constraints (GSM, Satellite, RF frequency bands available or not) will be taken into account and validated to ensure data generation on your entire site and reliable transmission of this data.

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