Tracking emergency and security units is key


The rescue and security unites include several very different entities depending on the courntries. There are the groups in charge of the security of people and property: police officers, customs officers, agents of the penitentiary administration and a various number of special units such as the SWAT and National Guards for the USA and in UK, MDP as the TFU (Tactical Firearms Unit), the OSU (Operationnal Unit Support)….  And also first aid organisations such as the fire brigade, paramedics and civil security, as well as civil protection and private security groups.
Although they have different problems and missions, they all work for the safety of the population. Very often, these teams, which can be quite large, are faced with dangerous or extremely volatile situations or have to work in highly demanding environments.
Therefore, it is essential to establish precise and reliable monitoring to ensure safety and coordination for the proper conduct of an operation.
The choice of technological tools specifically adapted to the needs of each profession offers a adapted response to the specific environment of certain operation sites. It also allows inter-organisational communication of crisis cells and command posts, while maintaining the secrecy of the data emitted and collected if necessary.
TRAAK designs, integrates and deploys robust, secure and scalable solutions adapted and tailored to each of your business issues.
Our trackers provide access to accurate and reliable information in real time in order to ensure a follow-up during an operational deployment but also during training.

TRAAK is part of the 10th promotion of start-ups to join GENERATE, the innovation acceleration programme of GICAT (Groupement des industries françaises de défense et de sécurité terrestres et aéroterrestres / French land and air defence and security industries group).
TRAAK is a member of the SAFE Cluster. SAFE is the French competitiveness cluster positioned on the Aeronautics & Space, Security & Safety, Defence and Environment (risks & resilience) sectors.
TRAAK is also a member of the ATRAKSIS ecosystem, founded in 2017, on the initiative of firefighters, Atraksis aims to create and develop innovative synergies by bringing together players from all backgrounds, to co-construct the emergency services of tomorrow.

French firefighters facing building fire in a corridor

Ensuring the safety of staff members

In a high-risk context (e.g. traffic accidents, natural disasters or forest fires), the safety of the personnel deployed is of paramount importance. Each team leader must know exactly where the teams are and in what environment they are working.
Information is transmitted via radio, but when teams are working in highly constrained environments (basements, isolated or smoke-filled areas) or in “white” zones, communication becomes difficult or non-existent. Therefore, teams working on site become the only source of collection and transmission of very precious data.
TRAAK develops solutions allowing to have access to the information of the environment in which a team evolves and thus to judge the needs in real time. It is also possible to integrate physiological and environmental sensors such as heart rate monitoring, collect data from the SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) or from a pressure gauge, but also from exposure to extreme temperatures, harmful or dangerous gases.
These sensors can immediately trigger an alarm to assess the situation and to call in help if necessary.
A key element that TRAAK is working on is also to provide information in the right format, only when needed and at the right place without creating information overload.
TRAAK also has the possibility to coordinate the addition of specific bio-metric sensors of NRBC (Nuclear, Radioactive, Biological and Chemical) type.

Coordinating efforts on the field

In the management of a crisis situation (accidents, riots, high-risk prisoner transfers or natural, technological or sanitary disasters), the priority of commanders is to locate teams in order to assess problems and coordinate triage, referral or management efforts on a specific point.
TRAAK offers solutions that individually geo-locate all team members in order to have a global view and concentrate resources where they are needed. These tracking systems help to know the precise position of all personnel present on the intervention. It also helps to visualise the path taken by each team member and the position of individuals in relation to each other. This ensures that the tactical cohesion of the group is respected, especially during crowd or demonstration management (Pod Tactical Tracking®).

Rows of empty stretchers in emergency operation
Police unit in full gear at training

Bringing a new dimension to training with reliable data

The daily training of rescue and security units is an essential need in order to be operational at all times. The ability to monitor individual or group performance and to capture data on a wide range of physical, environmental and tactical parameters helps to improve consistency, group dynamics, avoid injuries and achieve operational excellence.
TRAAK solutions can provide physical performance data such as those used in professional sports, but can also be coupled with physiological or environmental sensors measuring heart rate, sweating, shocks or temperature to ensure the safety of individuals and measure their level of physiological tolerance. TRAAK also helps you to establish analysis and exploitation dashboards of the collected data (with no access to them).

A reliable and secure system even in a hostile environment

The solutions we develop will adapt to your problems and your environment, whatever they may be. Your specifications, on the waterproofness of the sensors (IP55 to IP69k), the temperature conditions, the norms imposed on you (ATEX/IECEx) or the communication constraints of the site (GSM, Satellite, dedicated RF frequency bands or ISM band, encryption), will be taken into account and validated in order to ensure a data generation on your whole site and a reliable transmission of these data.
TRAAK also guarantees the confidentiality of the sensors and the security of the data: we can work for example only on certain technological bricks or develop an API//UI to integrate in your supervisors and hypervisors without having access to them or to the data, nothing passing through our servers.
At TRAAK we have internalized in France 100% of our R&D, our firmware, communication and software development capacities and our production. Thus, less than 10 people in the world will be aware of your project, guaranteeing you a quasi-total confidentiality.

Firefighters facing bush fire

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