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Transport and Logistics: the importance of geolocation


As a transport and logistics provider, the protection of your fleet, the safety of the goods entrusted to you and the maintenance of safety standards are important factors in your success with your customers.
The Industry 4.0 revolution is already in place and is opening up new possibilities.
The management of the flow of machines and vehicles, the safety of your employees and the productivity of your activities depend on the use of tools adapted to your constraints.
TRAAK designs, integrates and deploys robust, secure and scalable solutions adapted to your sector of activity and tailor-made for each of your sites or fleets.
Thanks to our techonological solutions, products, tools and people can be tracked instantly, communicate in real time and the collection of reliable data can boost your profitability and your image whatever the size of your structure or the value of the object to be tracked.

Our tailor-made solutions adapt to your constraints and respond to your problems.

Limiter le risque d’accident

The safety of your teams is one of your main concerns due to the high level of activity and the balancing of people and machines on a logistics platform or the risk of accidents in transport.
TRAAK’s indoor and outdoor geolocation tracking solutions coupled with our physiological sensors ensure the safety of your staff in real time. Indeed, you will be able to detect machine/pedestrian impact or work under a heavy load, intervene in case of falls, loss of verticality or fire. Our technologies will also help you to control the hours or conditions of work to avoid a serious accident or temporary work interruption. This information can be used to immediately trigger an alert in case of a problem and thus ensure rapid emergency management.

Ensuring the safety of the premises

Controlling the flow in your operationally complex structures is essential.
TRAAK develops geofencing solutions that map your site and create virtual fences to limit access and trigger customised alerts if workers or equipment enter or leave predefined areas.
TRAAK solutions can be used to ensure that the person performing a task is in compliance with his or her duties (operating a machine or equipment, entering a restricted area, etc.). These solutions thus prevent intrusion or untimely use not covered by your insurance or theft. The taking of physical or IT measures based on entry into the area can also be coupled with this solution (e.g. intervention by security personnel, alarms or video activation, etc.).


Managing productivity and maximising profitability

The profitability of your operations depends on cost control, the level of use of your machinery investments in relation to a planned frequency, but also on the control of stock management and order preparation.
TRAAK indoor and outdoor geolocation trackers provide you with real-time information on incoming and outgoing flows, the location of a machine, your equipment or certain products within your warehouses, on the route or at your customer’s premises if necessary.
To ensure your site’s profitability, you can control capacities, occupancy rates, stocks, movements and possible supply problems before they occur.
You also track your products to provide real-time information to your customers on the location of their goods, meet standards and requirements in the case of an incident and respond quickly.
The data collected via TRAAK solutions will also help you to plan regular maintenance by equipment according to their actual use (preventive maintenance) and thus minimize maintenance-related downtime.
It is also possible to carry out site inventories quickly thanks to TRAAK linking GIS (Geographic Information System) data to the geographical coordinates of an asset over a given period to carry out a quick and reliable count of your inventory over a period and thus avoid overstocking.

TRAAK is committed to accompany you in your project and to help you choose the technologies best adapted to your needs and your budget. Indeed, geolocation can range from a few euros/usd per tracker to several thousand euros/usd depending on the required precision. TRAAK’s tailor-made approach is of great value, as an off-the-shelf solution will not meet all your needs: you do not track a €/$50 tool in the same way as an employee in a high-risk task, and yet both are equally important to you.

A reliable system even in a demanding environment

The solutions that TRAAK develops will adapt to your problems and your environment, whatever they may be. Your specifications, on the waterproofness of the sensors (IP55 to IP69k), the temperature conditions, the standards imposed on you (ATEX/IECEx) or the communication constraints of the site (GSM, Satellite (Iridium, Kineis), dedicated RF frequency bands or ISM band, SigFox/Lora, WLAN, encryption), will be taken care of and validated to ensure you a reliable data generation and their transmissions.


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