At TRAAK, we are convinced that reliable, accurate physiological and/or location data accessible in all circumstances can contribute to increased safety of personnel operating in demanding environments and/or improved technical outcome, industrial and economic performance for our customers.

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Custom made location and physiological trackers for demanding environments



Our company was born out of the desire and need to provide our clients with physiological and/or location data which is reliable, accurate and accessible in all circumstances.

As an engineering and services company specialised in the generation and provision of data, TRAAK develops, prototypes and manufactures internally and in France custom made wearable trackers for positioning, biometrics (physiological data) and/or environmental data.

TRAAK gives access to reliable information when off-the-shelf solutions do not allow it.

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Our business is based on the complementary core competencies of tracker design and data processing, in the fields of location/navigation and physiological/environmental measurements. Our know-how in electronics, physics and mechanics allows us to design portable sensors capable of generating and communicating in real time biometric or positioning data in a complex and constraining environment. Our rich experience in the field gives us the capacity to analyse, process and model the data generated. We can thus facilitate our clients' decision-making by providing relevant data.

Design, research and development department

Our R&D teams develop tailor-made solutions for the transmission of location and/or biometric data adapted to the requirements of each of our customers.

Prototyping, production and commercialisation

We produce prototypes and medium runs in-house, meaning we can ensure complete discretion, and manage the confidentiality and budget demands of our clients’ projects.

Data analysis, data mining, data visualisation

Our teams have a reputation for their ability to extract the maximum meaning from the information gathered by our solutions.

Interoperability & Integration

We have extensive experience in seamless integration of the data generated into our customers’ existing systems and processes.



We prototype and custom-manufacture portable positioning and biometric sensors for industrial, health, security and defence markets

TRAAK prototypes and manufactures in-house and in France, for the industrial, healthcare, security and defence markets, wearable trackers for positioning and biometrics (physiological data). Our technical expertise and our understanding of the environments in which our customers operate, enable us to offer innovative and uncompromising tailor-made solutions quickly and discreetly.

The issues we address:

Generating reliable data when commercial solutions can not.

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